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Get Involved at UCTV

Without a structured film program on campus, UCTV is the best opportunity for students to gain the knowledge and experience they need to go into the productions and post-productions world, as well as offering practical experience for those interested in marketing, advertising, sales, business, finance, web design, programming and technology, and more!

Any UConn undergraduate student is welcome to join. If you’re looking to get involved, there are opportunities available in the following departments:


The news department develops content related to current events and local news. Members of the news department are encouraged to seek out stories relating to current campus events and entertainment events. Experience includes anchoring, writing, editing, control room/technology use, and camerawork.

Develop content related to current sports news including both college and professional sports. Members of the sports department film at most home games and some away games for the major sports teams (Football, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Soccer), and report on the performance of other UConn sports teams.

The entertainment department is made up of all of the TV shows that do not make up News and Sports, in addition to music creation for all shows within UCTV. New members are encouraged to contact the Entertainment Director to see which shows need help. Any student with at least one semester of experience within UCTV can start their own shows by contacting the Productions Manager. Experience includes project management, writing, editing, camerawork, control room/technology use, and music composition.

The UCSPAN department acts as a public access network and records events that occur on-campus in order to provide uninterrupted, non-biased coverage of campus events for all of the University community to view. Experience includes public relations, producing, editing, and camerawork.

The marketing department is responsible for branding UCTV, developing promotional items, and improving UCTV’s reach and reputation both within UConn and beyond. Experience includes project management, graphic design, brand management, social media marketing experience, and planning.

The advertising department sells and creates advertisements for UCTV, student & university organizations, and local businesses to be aired on the television station (Channel 14) and/or on the web-site. Experience includes project management, sales, advertising strategy, productions, editing, and camerawork.

The Human Relations department ensures that students will gain the necessary training to become an active member. In addition, the department creates an environment that enables connections between members while maintaining that relationship once becoming an alumni.

The finance department is responsible for managing UCTV’s budget and spending, payroll, ordering supplies, forecasting budgets, and prepare monthly and quarterly statements for the University. Students interested in finance should be aware that space is very limited in this department.

Become a member

We’re always looking for students who are passionate about creating engaging, high-quality programming for the UConn student body as well as those interested in helping with the day-to-day operations of a television station. If you’re interested in joining UCTV, send an email to to get in contact with a mentor.

Remember, as a member of UCTV, you must get trained by the Human Relations Department in order to sign-out and use our equipment. See the training schedule for more information.

Training Sign-Up Link

Contact Information

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Josh Malboeuf

Human Relations Director
Office Hours: W/TH: 3:30 – 5:30PM

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