Past Temps

Two regular office temps must travel back in time to set things right in this science fiction office comedy.

Season 1: Episode 1All Episodes


Bringing campus, local, national and world news
to the UConn community.

UCTV News 3.5.14All Episodes

Trendin’ Topic

Talk show hosted by
Sebastien Garraud & Trey James.

Season 4: Episode 5All Episodes


Football talk show starring
Emmanuel Omokaro & Armando Jimenez.

Season 3: Episode 8All Episodes

Marco Mania

UCTV’s only game show — three contestants compete to test their sports knowledge and win prizes. Sponsored by DP Dough.

Season 2: NBAAll Episodes

The Survivors

In 2005, a zombie outbreak begins. Within a year, the world’s population is halved. Five years later, humanity is in danger of going extinct.

Season 2: Episode 1All Episodes

UC Sports

A weekly sports show covering UCONN teams
and the national sports landscape.

4/23/14All Episodes


A weekly sports show with professional sports recaps and in-depth analysis.

Season 5: Episode 3All Episodes


Sports talk show hosted by Sean, Mike, and Eddie.

10/24/13All Episodes

Make Your Own Damn Sandwich

A sketch comedy show designed to make you more interested in social issues.

Season 1: Episode 3All Episodes

UConn Tonight

Interviews and comedy with
Jesse Rifkin and Joel Frazier.

Season 5, Episode 6All Episodes

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