A weekly sports show with professional sports recaps and in-depth analysis.

Season 5: Episode 3All Episodes

Marco Mania

UCTV’s only game show — three contestants compete to test their sports knowledge and win prizes. Sponsored by DP Dough.

Season 2: NBAAll Episodes


Football talk show starring
Emmanuel Omokaro & Armando Jimenez.

Season 3: Episode 8All Episodes

UC Sports

A weekly sports show covering UCONN teams
and the national sports landscape.

4/23/14All Episodes

Trendin’ Topic

Talk show hosted by
Sebastien Garraud & Trey James.

Season 4: Episode 5All Episodes


Sports talk show hosted by Sean, Mike, and Eddie.

10/24/13All Episodes


Bringing campus, local, national and world news
to the UConn community.

UCTV News 3.5.14All Episodes

UConn Tonight

Interviews and comedy with
Jesse Rifkin and Joel Frazier.

Season 5, Episode 6All Episodes

Make Your Own Damn Sandwich

A sketch comedy show designed to make you more interested in social issues.

Season 1: Episode 3All Episodes

The Survivors

In 2005, a zombie outbreak begins. Within a year, the world’s population is halved. Five years later, humanity is in danger of going extinct.

Season 2: Episode 1All Episodes

Past Temps

Two regular office temps must travel back in time to set things right in this science fiction office comedy.

Season 1: Episode 1All Episodes

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